Intermitent Fasting: could it help you reach your goals?

In most modern cultures around the world, eating has become practice that takes place more or less 24 hours a day, seven days a week, as our schedules and habits allow. We graze when it’s convenient, snack when we get the munchies, and otherwise consume meals at various scheduled times throughout the waking day. But our hunter-gather ancestors couldn’t do that. Their eating patterns were dependent on food availability, which sometimes left them involuntarily fasting for several hours or even days at a time.

Over thousands of years, our metabolic systems evolved to accommodate intermittent food availability, and at this point, many health enthusiasts and fitness coaches are recognizing the benefits of adopting a voluntary version of the practice. 

Intermittent fasting, or eating food (any food) on a controlled schedule, appears to have powerful health and weight loss benefits. Unlike many other popular diet plans, this one is harmless and free of dangerous risks and side effects, and it’s relatively easy to practice—even easier with the help of a coach or support system to keep you on track. Here are three common approaches to intermittent fasting: 

The 6/8 Method: Skip breakfast and eat food only during an eight-hour window of the 24 hour day (for example, from noon to 8:00 pm. 

The eat-stop-eat method: Forego all food for 24 hours, two times a week. 

The 5:2 Diet: Eat normally for five days out of the week, and on the remaining two (non-consecutive) days, restrict your intake to about 600 calories per day. 

All these methods seem to have a few things in common: First, a growing number of successful practitioners and health care providers who acknowledge their effectiveness. All three plans also require a certain degree of attention and discipline in order to work. That’s the tricky part. The rest is easy; intermittent fasting doesn’t involve WHAT you eat, only when you eat it. 

So could this practice help you manage your body weight and bring your nutritional and health goals within reach? Try it and see! There’s nothing dangerous or questionable about the practice, and no medications, supplements, or unusual food you’ll need to have on hand. Just the patience and commitment to see it through. 

Find a trained, experienced nutrition and weight loss coach by contacting the team at AALI. Our experts can walk you through the process and give you the motivation and guidance you need to achieve real results!  

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