Coaching for Weight Loss. How Can an AALI Coach Help You Shed Pounds?

So what does coaching mean when the challenge at hand is something health-related and personal, like weight loss? You can’t cheer somebody into changing their body contours…or can you? Here at AALI, we offer weight loss coaches and weight loss coaching programs that work, and our coaching practices are tailored and targeted to the individual needs of each client who walks through our doors. Here’s what we can do for you. 

  • First, assessment. 

As you probably know, weight loss means different things to different people. Some of us lose weight by ramping up exercise, some by changing our eating habits, and some of us turn to other means, like coolsculpt, Trusculpt, or non-invasive laser liposuction. Some of us benefit from surgery. Some need specific nutritional or medical interventions, like weight loss pills and supplements. One size definitely does not fit all. We get that. So before we take a step or make a recommendation, we engage in a meaningful conversation with you to determine how your body works, how you relate to it, and what you have and haven’t tried already. 

  • We get to know you. 

If our coaches launch into a plan—for example, nutritional counseling—and that plan isn’t right for you, we change it. We’re flexible and experienced, and we have access to dozens of weight loss treatments that can be selectively built into a strategy that takes you where you’d like to go. Not a fan of needles? Short on time and want quick results? Not interested in spending a fortune on an unproven method? We hear you, and we have what you need. 

  • We motivate AND educate.

We understand the mental, emotional, financial, schedule-related, and physical obstacles that conspire to make weight loss hard. And we have a solution for every one of them. We’re ready to talk about diet (Ketogenic, paleo, Mediterranean, military, alkaline, etc) and make manageable adjustments that fit your lifestyle. We’re also ready to talk about painless, non-invasive treatment regimens that can reduce fat cells and cellulite over the course of one session or a weekly series. 

Here at AALI, we listen first. Then we work together with you to develop a plan and help you stick to it. Make an appointment today and let our weight loss coaches move you toward your goals.

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