Traditional and Laser Assisted Liposuction

One of our most popular treatments and most frequently requested procedures involves assisted weight loss, or the removal of fat tissue from the body using techniques that extend beyond diet and exercise.Our services cover multiple forms of body sculpting and counseling, but two procedures—laser assisted and traditional liposuction—are in high demand among those who need to lose weight quickly, and also those who have reached the limits beyond which diet and lifestyle changes can’t take them. If you fall into this category and you’re interested in a safe, reliable treatment that can remove fat cells or diminish the appearance of fat and cellulite, we’ll arrange an appointment with you to talk about these two options. Here are a few differences we’ll discuss as we determine which is right for you.


Traditional Liposuction

The standard, traditional liposuction procedure involves making a surgical incision in the body in order to directly break apart and remove lipocytes, or fat cells, permanently. Once these cells are gone, they’re gone for good, but this version requires general anesthetic and a longer recovery time. The procedure can also be uncomfortable, since it involves removing living cells and tissue from the body. Traditional liposuction is far from new; it’s a tested and proven technique that’s been common and popular for decades.

Laser Assisted Liposuction

Laser assisted liposuction is a state-of-the-art technique that wasn’t available just a few short years ago, and compared to the traditional version, it’s minimally invasive and requires only a local anesthetic. It’s safe, simple, and only brings a very mild amount of discomfort—if any—during a very short recovery time. It also leaves the skin tighter in treated areas.

How does it work?

Our procedure is called lipotherme, and it involves lasers that generate a gentle light-based energy that damages fat cells underneath the skin. As the fat cells rupture, the body carries the damaged cells away, along with their cargo of stored energy in the form of fat. The areas of the body that carry this excess tissue seem to “melt” as the laser does its work, and the result is tighter, firmer skin in those areas within just a few treatments.

To learn more about the laser assisted liposuction process, or any of our weight-control treatments and programs, contact our team today and arrange a consultation.

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