Summer is the Season for Beauty and Confidence

Summer is here, the beach is waiting, and it’s time to show off your beautiful skin! Or if you’re not the type to show off, it’s time to reveal the beautiful skin you were born with in its natural glory.


If you find yourself dressing up in layers even as the temperature climbs, and you aren’t comfortable sharing parts of yourself that may reveal your scars, blemishes, or the tattoos that no longer represent who you are, don’t hide anymore. There’s no need to take shelter under head-to-toe dresses or long pants when you can address your lack of confidence right at the source! Get your tattoos removed and diminish the appearance of your scars, varicose veins and beauty marks.

And do it using a state-of-the-art procedure that’s rapid and nearly painless.

Xeo Laser and Light-Based Solutions

The Nd:YAG technology that drives Xeo laser treatments can be used for hair removal and vascular conditions (unslightly spider veins), but it can also be applied to pigment disruptions, scars, and discolorations of the skin caused by anything from tattoos to birthmarks. Xeo applies a deep-heating thermal solution that allows heat and light to disrupt cell growth in the secondary layer of skin cells that lie below the surface. As these deep skin cells (and the molecules of pigment that permanently reside with them) are disrupted and dispersed, rapid new cell growth begins. This turnover is spurred by a boost in skin growth hormones like collagen and elastin. So as the old molecules rupture and break down, the body naturally responds by producing new cells and generating a firmer, rosier, tighter and more youthful skin texture.

How long will the effects last?

Once the molecules of pigment are gone, they’re gone. A darker tattoo may require more than one treatment, but Xeo isn’t a cover up or temporary solution; it’s a reversal of the process and removal of the original ink. Scars, like tattoos, will fade as new cells grow, and they won’t return.

Are laser treatments painful?

The light energy of the laser treatment is what disrupts the cells, and the level of heat and discomfort that accompanies the treatment is mild enough to require minimal or no anesthetic for most patients. Contact our clinic and arrange an appointment today! We’ll examine your treatment area and provide you with detailed information and clear expectations.

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