“Put First Things First”....on toxins and anti nutrients

Alcohol; Alcohol is a toxin, and any more than a minimal amount of alcohol per week will damage your body without a doubt. As you may know, combining sugar and mold is how alcohol is produced; alcohol is excreted by fungus after the fungus consumes sugar.

We at AALI recommend the consumption of no more than 4-8 ounces of transparent alcohol per week, (beer and wine are not part of the transparent alcohol family).

Why even try a minimal amount of alcohol knowing it is a toxin? We argue that alcohol in minimum amounts helps the brain to move from high-frequency beta waves into low-frequency beta waves and even alpha waves (though the classification of brain waves lies beyond the scope of this book). We want to mention that the generation of low-frequency beta brain waves and alpha brain waves are among the goals and benefits of meditation. We suggest combining low alcohol consumption with 30-40 min of meditation per week to get exponential benefits from both, which is what we call synergy. For those practicing morning meditation, we suggest that once a week, you start your meditation practice two hours before going to sleep and consume two ounces of transparent alcohol 20 minutes before meditation starts. Such a habit will help you reach an 

unprecedented level of synergy. Be careful not to do this more than twice a week. This recommendation may sound esoteric, but we can reassure you that results can be scientifically quantified by measuring cortisol changes one month after starting the above practice. Any excess or unbalanced cortisol in your system will deposit fat on areas of your body like the intraabdominal cavity, making you lose not just physical symmetry but health in general.

Please be aware that alcohol in minimal amounts will help you fall asleep since it will slow down your brain. But sadly enough, alcohol will not let your mind slow down to delta waves, which are the ideal waves for deep sleep. Therefore, we can only recommend using alcohol as a meditation aid, not as a sleeping aid.

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