Weight Loss Pills: Are they Good for You?

It goes without saying that here at AALI, we don’t broadly condone weight loss methods that appear in the form of pills. But we don’t categorically condemn them either. Our approach is a little more nuanced. 

AALI and Tailored Weight Loss Solutions

When you make an appointment with our AALI team and talk to a weight loss coach, we start the process with conversation. This is the first, best, and only way to start putting together a weight loss plan that truly works for you…without putting you at risk of health problems. Your coach will have a detailed conversation with you about your weight loss journey that will take the following factors (and more) into account:

  1. How long have you been trying to lose weight? 
  2. What methods have you tried and what were your results? 
  3. Do you enjoy exercise? Have you found an activity that you enjoy more than others? 
  4. Do you have health conditions that make weight loss difficult? 
  5. Do you have health conditions that make exercise difficult? 
  6. How much weight would you like to lose? 
  7. Do you have a timeline in which you’d like to lose the weight? 
  8. If so, why? Maybe you have a social event coming up that you’d like to slim down for. Maybe your doctor has explained to you that you need to lose a certain amount of weight quickly in order to avoid a negative health outcome. 

We’ll ask you all of these questions, and most likely, we’ll find a healthy solution that meets your needs with low risk or no risk at all. For example, a few easy adjustments to your diet and new exercise might do the trick. Maybe you need a non-invasive, simple and effective treatment like cool sculpting. Maybe laser liposuction can help melt and dissolve fat cells in targeted zones that are not affected by diet and exercise, like the tricep or chin area. 

And maybe weight loss pills present an option that could work for you and may help you accomplish your goals in ways other treatments can’t. If this is the case, we’ll discuss safe, healthy, and effective interventions that start you down the path to real results on your own terms. Make an appointment and talk to a weight loss coach today!

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