Body Composition Analysis

Checking your body composition is important for your health.A generation ago, the broad term “weight loss” could be applied to a long list of physical changes: leaner contours, improvements in health and strength, a reduction in body fat as a percentage of overall weight, and a reduction in weight itself regardless of where the “reduction” came from (fat, muscle loss, even water loss could be counted as weight loss if the scale indicated a lighter number). That was then.

We now know that that this broad-brush connection of weight to overall health is far too general and can’t be translated into easily obtainable goals. If the scale says you weigh less than you did a month ago, that might mean any number of things. But not all of them are good. And even the good ones aren’t necessarily sustainable.

Nothing in life is simple, and this truth certainly applies to the complexities of the human body. As it happens, not all fat is the same. (Abdominal fat is far more dangerous than subcutaneous fat on the arms and legs.) Not all fat is bad. (The body needs fat for optimal heart and brain function.) Not all weight loss “rules” can be universally applied to every person in every circumstance. Not all health goals should involve weight loss. (Strong lean muscle development sometimes leads to weight increases.) Not all weight loss is healthy. And of course, a lean, strong, optimally functioning body and brain are NOT directly connected to the number on the scale.

The body is made up of bone, muscle, organs and connective tissue, plus a bit of fat that's vital for the healthy function of every cell from neurons in the brain to blood vessels in the kidneys. “Weight loss” doesn’t actually have much to do with weight loss.

So how do we define and manage health goals in 2019?

Again, nothing is simple. No single plan or “diet” offers a magic bullet that will tighten, strengthen and optimize everybody. But here at AALI, we believe that every journey to health and wellness begins with the same first step: establishing a baseline and defining specific goals.

Here at the clinic, we’ll provide a total Body Composition Optimization, which includes genetic testing, comprehensive blood work, and accurate measurement of your individual body composition. Once we establish the numbers, we’ll have a conversation about your goals. Then we’ll put together an advanced nutritional program that will work for YOU.

We’ll help you reach your ideal body composition (not weight) by addressing multiple factors (not just one). The next stop: a leaner, defined, healthy body that looks and feels great!

To learn more and schedule your Body Composition Analysis, contact our team today!

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