Body Sculpting: Laser-Assisted and Traditional Liposuction

As the skin loses elasticity and fat deposits begin to accrue in new areas around the torso, chin, arms, hips and thighs, exercise and diet may reduce these deposits or slow their development, but lifestyle changes have a limited impact on the shape and proportions of the body’s outline.

Instead of living with stubborn fat tissue in unwelcome areas, we present another option: a minimally invasive procedure that removes unwanted fat tissue for good, instead of just temporarily reducing the size of each problem area.

Fat is little more than stored energy, and each body cell dedicated to this purpose retains a certain amount of fatty tissue. Even if diet and exercise diminish the fat stored in each cell, the cells themselves remain. But the process of liposuction or lipolysis removes the tissue from targeted areas permanently.

Traditional versus Laser-Assisted Liposuction

The earliest form of liposuction was once considered state-of-the-art. But this method has now been surpassed by laser-assisted lipolysis, an advanced method of tissue removal that’s less invasive, less risky, and more comfortable.

Here are a few key differences between the two:

  • Time: Unlike the slower traditional method, laser-assisted liposuction can be completed in about one hour per area.
  • Process: The traditional approach involves excising fat cells and then applying negative pressure to suction them out of the body. By contrast, laser assisted lipolysis uses fiber optic lasers at differing wavelengths to melt the fat tissue away. As a side-effect of this process, the body naturally increases its production of collagen, which makes the skin tight and taught.
  • Comfort and anesthesia: The traditional method requires general anesthesia. By contrast, laser assisted lipolysis typically involves local anesthesia and can be performed as an outpatient procedure. This means a reduced risk of complications and discomfort, though temporary bruising and swelling can occur with either method.
  • Recovery time: Recovery times vary after laser-assisted liposuction, but most people can return to work in just a few days and complete most normal activities within about two to three weeks. Mild bruises, soreness and swelling may linger during the final stages of recovery.

truSculpt id: A Highly Advanced Alternative

Here at AALI, we offer two forms of innovative body sculpting technology: laser assisted liposuction and truSculpt id, a completely non-invasive procedure that requires only 15-30 minutes per area and can be compared to a hot-stone massage. Learn more about truSculpt id right here.

To determine which body-sculpting method is right for you, you’ll need a personal consultation with one of our highly trained clinicians. Schedule an appointment today to discuss your candidacy and expectations of success.


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