Annoying and discouraging skin issues become universal as we age and our skin accumulates the stretches, sags, sun damage, and marks that tell the story of our lives. But as time leaves us with discolorations and other skin complexities—including visible veins and unwanted hair growth—we don’t have to live with these mementos. In fact, leaving them behind and restoring the smooth glow of your skin may be easier than you think. The memories are yours to keep, but the blotchy skin and stubborn hair can be shown to the door! The Xeo® laser system can make this happen. 

Generations ago, weight loss was framed as a simple equation based on calories in verses calories out. If you simply kept the first number lower than the second, you’d be lean and fit for life, no problems, no worries. Of course, if weight loss actually worked that way, the world would be a far different place. 

The truth: fat is made up of living cells, and weight and excess fat are just as complex as any other aspect of our biology. A successful weight loss plan should factor in a host of details about our body composition, age, lifestyle, hormone balance, and even our DNA. The more we know, the better we’re able to chart a medically sound, safe, and effective path to sustainable weight loss that targets fat, not just weight (which can include fluid, organs and muscle mass). 

One of our most popular treatments and most frequently requested procedures involves assisted weight loss, or the removal of fat tissue from the body using techniques that extend beyond diet and exercise.Our services cover multiple forms of body sculpting and counseling, but two procedures—laser assisted and traditional liposuction—are in high demand among those who need to lose weight quickly, and also those who have reached the limits beyond which diet and lifestyle changes can’t take them. If you fall into this category and you’re interested in a safe, reliable treatment that can remove fat cells or diminish the appearance of fat and cellulite, we’ll arrange an appointment with you to talk about these two options. Here are a few differences we’ll discuss as we determine which is right for you.

The early summer means getting ready to bare it all and waiting impatiently to hit the beach and soak up the sun. But by August, summer starts to take on new implications, especially as the first golden sun-soaks start giving way to burns, peeling, sun spots, and new wrinkles forming in our dried out hides. Early summer means showing off what we have. The end of the summer means trying to preserve what we have as long as possible, and maybe hoping it’s not too late. 

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