Juvederm & Dermal Fillers

As the skin ages and natural collagen production begins to slow, our skin loses a bit of elasticity. It doesn’t glow quite as brightly as it used to, and it doesn’t spring back to its original shape after muscle movements like smiling and frowning. Cell turnover also doesn’t happen as rapidly as it once did.


The effect leads to three primary visible signs: wrinkles, dullness, and a loss of volume, or the plump, taught quality that our skin tends to have in our twenties.

In earlier blogs, we discussed treatments that address the dullness and restore a healthy vibrancy. Many of these procedures involve microneedling or otherwise disturbing cells to speed growth, turnover, and collagen production. We also discussed injections of a gentle toxin that reduces the intensity of muscle movements and softens the deep wrinkles around the eyes and mouth that appear after years of repeated expressions.

Here at AALI, we also offer restorative treatments that address the third issue: Volume.

What are the risks?

Since the injection of Juvederm (and all fillers) must be carefully placed, the procedure should always be conducted in a clinic by a licensed professional healthcare provider. Improper placement of the injection can cause risks and complications that may be serious, including scarring and vision problems. But when the procedure is done properly, the risks are very low.

Botulinum Toxin Type A and dermal fillers are common procedures, among the most frequently performed in the US, and they’re often performed together. Talk to your specialist if you fall into a risk category (such as pregnancy or allergies), and when you’re ready, arrange a consultation with our team to find out what Juvederm can do for you!

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