Secret RF Skin Rejuvenation Technology


Unlike several other forms of dermablation and collagen stimulation that we offer here at AALI, the delivery of RF energy for skin rejuvenation is by no means new. In fact, this form of deep tissue stimulation has been common and widely available since 2001. But recently we’ve experienced a rapid rise in demand for the procedure, largely due to celebrity promotions and endorsements.

Even though micro needling is used to deliver RF energy deep into the skin, this procedure is almost entirely non-invasive.

How does Secret RF work?

All forms of energy are measured in wavelengths per second, or “frequency”. The radio frequency used in Secret RF skin tightening technology has a wavelength of approximately 450 kilohertz, which is slower than visible light and far slower (almost a billion times slower) than Xray waves. The wavelengths for RF treatment are similar to wifi signals, tv waves and radio waves—a length that produces heat and causes the gentlest form of cell “damage” deep within the underlayers of the skin. In response to this disruption, the body generates an increased output of collagen and elastin. The result? Skin that’s visibly tighter, firmer, more radiant and more youthful.   

What are the risks?

Since RF works by generating heat, it brings a remote burn risk if your provider is unqualified or inexperienced. (Always choose an expert, credentialled provider for your skin treatments, and of course, have them performed in a licensed clinic).  But generally, Secret RF skin treatments are even less invasive and involve even quicker recovery times than other energy-based skin rejuvenation technologies.

Some side effects may include mild tingling, redness or temporary swelling, but in almost all cases, these effects pass very quickly. No anesthetic is usually necessary, and recovery requires no time away from regular activities.

Can I be hurt by extended exposure to RF?

Our providers are board certified and all of our technologies have been thoroughly tested and cleared by the FDA, including Secret RF. Our clinicians are highly trained, highly experienced, and ready to answer any questions you may have before or during your procedure. Under controlled conditions, studies show very limited risk from even high levels of RF exposure. As always, your safety and your satisfaction with the results of the procedure come first for us!

If you’d like to know more about the effect of RF treatments, or you’d like to find out if this procedure is right for you, contact our team and arrange a consultation.



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